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Today's Date: 9/28/2020 11:04:59 PM EST

Are you and your staff spending countless hours on the phone each month:

  • checking patient eligibility and claim status?
  • billing patients?
  • completing Pre-certification request?
  • checking status of Pre-certification request?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you should be using MagnaCare Physician Online Services.

MagnaCare Physician Online Services is the first secure, Internet-based administrative tool that gives you the information you need to verify eligibility.

Benefits of Physician Online Services

The website allows you to:

  • Determine patient eligibility and get claim status without calling MagnaCare.
  • Submit Pre-certification requests and check their status online.
  • Reprint Remittance Advice of claims paid by MagnaCare.
  • Access on-line services for Multiple TIN's with Single User profile.
  • Access MagnaCare information 24 hours a day.
  • Increase office efficiency.

MagnaCare’s Physician Online Services site is ready to put the "flow" back in the work process - giving you more time to concentrate on your patients.


  • MagnaCare developed the Physician Online Services web site using state of the art security features.
  • The connection through which you and your office staff access information is secured using SSL. SSL creates a secured connection utilizing the latest in encryption techniques.
  • Only authenticated users are allowed access to any data within the application.
  • Authentication of the individual is accomplished through the use of ID and Password. Users are required to create a password of a specific configuration that makes it more difficult to guess. The frequency of change is dependent on the roles or type of access the user has been granted. Should an individual need a hint to help them remember a forgotten ID or password, this capability is also built in. Upon initial registration, the individual selects these phrases. If an authorized user thinks that their logon has been used by another, there is a feature in the system that allows that individual to reset their password to prevent reuse of the logon.